Mind Mining


I read about this idea in the book “Lead the Field” written by Earl Nightingale. Similar ideas are promoted by other authors who have written books on Goals. I fondly call this idea as “Mind Mining” process.

It’s a very simple and yet powerful process. Take a sheet of paper and write your goal on top of the sheet. After that, start writing 20 different things you can do to accomplish your goal. Don’t evaluate your ideas and question the realism of implementing; keep writing them as they flash in your mind.

Interestingly the first few items you write will be very simple and may not give you great breakthroughs. But once you write 10 items on the paper, you suddenly feel emptiness in your mind as if there is no more ways you can list. This is the beginning of series “aha” moments; please continue to write additional ideas until you reach the magic number 20.When you finish writing, go through the list and review your thoughts. Some of the ideas you wrote may surprise you because you may have never thought in those lines.You will also feel great calmness and peace in your mind after this activity.

I used this exercise on my goal “How to post useful blog articles?”. The 13th idea I wrote on the list was “write short and simple articles on practical ideas that people can leverage and get results”. This was a brilliant insight for me. The goal of my articles is to help others, not to showcase my smartness 🙂

There are two critical factors you must consider to make this a fruitful exercise.

  1. You must write these 20 ideas on a sheet of paper. No shortcut please J There is magic in writing because we cannot think of other distracting thoughts while writing. Our minds can only hold one thought at a time.
  2. Once you finish writing the list, make a choice, choose an action and act on that idea!


Let’s remember David Schwartz’s formula for success – action cures fear and inaction breeds terror.

PS: I acknowledge the pictures from the internet.

4 Key questions to clarify your goals


When we start setting goals, it’s of pivotal importance to clarify the goals to ensure they are our goals and they drive us emotionally to take decisive actions. We must understand how our goal fits in our life puzzle and how they affect other areas of our life.

The following 4 key questions help us get absolute clarify on our goals. These questions originally come from the field of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and they are called Meta Model questions. The goal of these questions is to elicit more information from the person setting goals and transcend awareness.

So go ahead, take a sheet of paper and write answers to these 4 questions. Please write down as many answers as you can for each question.We are focusing on quantity, not on quality of answers. If you are stuck with 1 or 2 answers – simply ask “what else? / what more?” until you run out of further answers. Yes, you got it right. You are mining your mind 🙂  so keep digging.

Question1: What will happen when you achieve your goal?

This question will orient your thoughts on all the good things that you will experience after achieving your goal.

Question2: What WILL NOT happen when you achieve your goal?

This question will make you think about two dimensions: Areas of your life that won’t change and current issues that will no longer trouble you once you achieve your goal.

Question3: What will happen when you don’t achieve your goal?

Here you will list the consequences of not achieving your goal. While you answer this question, you will get more awareness of your personal choices and outcomes related to your goal.

Question#4: What will NOT happen when you don’t achieve your goal?

Answers for this question will focused on things that will not change in your life even if the goal is not accomplished. The current pain might continue to pester you and life won’t change for the better.

    Image    Clarity brings sense of urgency to our goals! Go for it!