Calm Sutra : 60 Seconds to relax our brains


Calmness of mind is one of the beautiful jewels of wisdom. ~ James Allen

In this era of information overload, it is critical to be in a resourceful state of mind to take quality decisions and take inspire action towards our goals.

According the experiments carried out by the renowned neuroscience researcher Mark Waldman, deep yawning is one of the best and the fastest ways to relax our brain and center ourselves in 60 seconds.

I know yawning in public is not welcomed in our society. It’s a sign of tiredness and indifference in social interactions. So please keep the logic aside for a minute and try this exercise. Let us remind ourselves a witty quote by Richard Bandler on personal change, “Analysis may help, but application rewards”. So find a place where you are all alone and try this exercise 🙂

Close your eyes and pretend that you are yawning deeply. Keep yawning artificially until you start getting the natural and deep ones. In my experience, for every 3rd or 4th artificial yawn – I have experience a deep, natural and relaxing yawn. When your eyes become watery, that’s when you know they are natural and relaxing.


In 60 seconds duration, you can experience 12-16 yawns. Open your eyes after 60 seconds; you will feel more calmness, tranquility and mindfulness in you.

I have tried this exercise in the following instances and have experienced astounding results.

  • Before and after long-distance runs (10K and 21KM)
  • Before and after long conference calls
  • Before delivering presentations and trainings
  • Before 1:1 Coaching sessions with clients
  • Before any conversation that requires me to be centered and relaxed
  • Emptying the mind after a long day at work and playing with my 2-year young son Samyak J
  • And many more…


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