On a meditative morning

I was mindful

Of two things in my life

I need to be grateful


One is inside me

and I was inside the other

Through a chord they were

Connected to each other

It’s my beating heart and

My beautiful mother



Floating like a balloon

At a high altitude

I take a breath with

Deep gratitude


I vow to take care of

My heart with calmness

And talk and listen to my mother

With love and warmness.



Just walk



Some people just talk

And others walk the talk;

Some walkers are proud of walking

They do it since others are watching;

These walkers now start talking

In a few moments you’ll know they’re bragging;

Can I be someone who walks and doesn’t talk?

Right action needs no recognition, let me just walk.






A seed of thought falls on the soil of self

When you fail once or twice

A sprout of doubt comes out of self

When you fail two more times

This plant keeps growing watered by worries

Stopping you from trying again

What’s nurtured becomes natural by nature’s law

You then call it ‘personality’, not your flaw

One day you will regret for not guarding the mind

When you realize there’s no escape no matter where you find.

Who am ‘I’?


A book of beliefs

a quilt of conclusions

a collage of images

a jar of judgments

a bottle of fears

a battle of ideas

a stream of thoughts

or a mélange of memories?

You call me Self, Ego or simply ‘I

Without any memories, who am ‘I’.



The weekend is here


I am elated! The wait is over

After four long days, the weekend is here.

Ninety minutes of joy watching a boy have fun

While he watches me his face glows like the shining sun.

It’s hard to accept when the weekend ends

But I’m glad now the father’s turn begins.

While I wait for the next weekend

I find peace knowing that the boy’s love for me has no end.


(My son Samyak aged 6 years gets access to my Macbook Pro from Friday to Sunday for 90 minutes. This poem is a description Macbook’s feelings towards Samyak).

My first free-form poem

This is my first free-form poem
I feel free writing this with no rhymes or a fixed form
It brought out memories from my childhood days
When I scribbled and doddled with no fear of ratings
The lines above rhymed not because I wanted
I just wrote my thoughts as they arose
Can I embrace my life like this?
Acting right and then accept what comes my way.

One moment at a time


We are sitting by the window sipping tea at TeaSpoon
The sun is hiding behind the clouds this afternoon
Time seems to freeze when we are here
It’s great fun to be together and talk to each other
I read the quote on the glass ,”enjoy life one tea spoon at a time”
And it reminds us to enjoy the life one moment at a time.