Family Haiku!

This week Samyak’s class work included writing a Haiku poem. Here’s the video we watched together to grasp the concept.
Needless to say Anusha & I were inspired to join him and write our haiku poems. I found this activity a great pathway to center the mind and
get into a reflective state. If this post intrigues you, feel free to post a haiku of your own as a comment in this blog.
Samyak’s haiku (3 below)
I’m a butterfly
I flutter around the place
spreading so much love
Eating grass for milk
grazing in the fields all day
That is a cow’s day
I love you so much
you have colors that strike me
you are an angel
Anusha wrote the below two poems 
The Joy of my Life
at first I held you in me
now you hold my life
Magic of flavors
so happens in my kitchen
makes our dish yummy
Here are a few of mine below, in fact I wrote about 10 that day and Samyak had to stop me from writing more! I really loved this writing time.
Living everyday
embracing what comes my way
I keep fears away
Gently closing eyes
witnessing my thoughts and breath
is meditation
Busyness is not the
the business of our short lives
self-expression is
A bonus below for inspiring you to write a haiku before you sign off.
While reading this page
wiping the doubts in your mind
write your first haiku!


Samyak Says


Last weekend my son Samyak started writing his own quotes on a bunch of post-it notes. He asked me if I could tweet them from my Twitter account.This idea came to his mind since he has seen me tweet inspiring quotes on Twitter. Samyak thinks these quotes would inspire the readers. I have complied his quotes in this blog without any addition or changes to his flashes of inspiration. We sincerely hope you enjoy reading these quotes and they elevate you to a higher plane of thinking. He also agreed to read this post whenever he feels blue!
  1. There are hard times in our life, and we should learn how to conquer those times.
  2. If you don’t see the future in your mind, then just do the next right thing.
  3. Work hard in every part of your life. Don’t say “I am hardly working”.
  4. When you are given a choice, chose the right path always.
  5. No matter what circumstance you are in, believe you will succeed. 
  6. When there is no light to lead you in life, make the little light in your heart your guide.
  7. Desires are like an online shopping cart. You can “save for later” but not “delete”.
  8. Your best gift you can ever have is to have a life and live happily through it.
  9. Your action is controlled by your temper. So you have to be calm.
  10. “Live, love and land on destination” is the real motto of life.
  11. Life is great if you believe and act like it is. 





On a meditative morning

I was mindful

Of two things in my life

I need to be grateful


One is inside me

and I was inside the other

Through a chord they were

Connected to each other

It’s my beating heart and

My beautiful mother



Floating like a balloon

At a high altitude

I take a breath with

Deep gratitude


I vow to take care of

My heart with calmness

And talk and listen to my mother

With love and warmness.



Just walk



Some people just talk

And others walk the talk;

Some walkers are proud of walking

They do it since others are watching;

These walkers now start talking

In a few moments you’ll know they’re bragging;

Can I be someone who walks and doesn’t talk?

Right action needs no recognition, let me just walk.






A seed of thought falls on the soil of self

When you fail once or twice

A sprout of doubt comes out of self

When you fail two more times

This plant keeps growing watered by worries

Stopping you from trying again

What’s nurtured becomes natural by nature’s law

You then call it ‘personality’, not your flaw

One day you will regret for not guarding the mind

When you realize there’s no escape no matter where you find.

Who am ‘I’?


A book of beliefs

a quilt of conclusions

a collage of images

a jar of judgments

a bottle of fears

a battle of ideas

a stream of thoughts

or a mélange of memories?

You call me Self, Ego or simply ‘I

Without any memories, who am ‘I’.



A language without logic

Club Contest Speech on 23rd Feb 2018, awarded first prize.

Title : A language without logic

Time : 5 – 7 Minutes


I visited California for the first time in the year 2003. My colleague picked me from the airport. While we were driving, I saw a city name on the board and I read it aloud “San Jose”. He burst into laughter and said, hey it’s “San Hose”.

I asked him back, then why do we say June & July instead of Hune and Huly?  He was speechless, he couldn’t answer my question.

If you are a native English speaker, you are fortunate. When you speak, you have no fear of being judged by other people. Do you know how it feels to pronounce words in another language and being judged? Let’s try a small experiment here. Listen and repeat after me. BHAVA, Bhava means feeling in Sanskrit language. Say it louder. Not the BA from BA BA Black sheep. Bhava originates from the pit of your stomach. Touch your navel, let me underline your navel! When you pronounce BHA you should feel the puff of air starting from your stomach and going out of your mouth.

Was it difficult? Yes, it is. I empathize with you. What if you had to touch your navel or some other part of your body for every word you speak? Right from my childhood I was puzzled by the weirdness of English language. PUT is pronounced as put and BUT as but. What’s the logic behind this?

The letter G retains its sound in GINGER and changes in SINGER & FINGER.

Why do we need 5 letters to spell the word QUEUE? A language without logic.

In most languages we read words as they are written. However, this logic doesn’t work in English language. We write a word in one way and pronounce it in a totally different way. That’s the enigma of English.

Lettuce : Lettuce, then why not write LETIS?

PIZZA: PitZa, where did the sound T come from? Back in India my uncle calls it PIJJA.

A friend of mine from Hungary struggles with the word Chicago, he calls it CHICAGO? I don’t blame him.

What about this French word, Rendezvous: RonDevU.

English language has freely imported words from many languages such as Latin, Greek, French & Italian. In many cases, retaining the actual pronunciation & spelling from the original language. English vocabulary is a collection of words from several disparate languages.

This means there is no logic in adding new words. Do you know the meaning of Triskaidekaphobia?

It’s a group of 4 Greek words. Tris, Kai , Deca & Phobia. It’s a fancy word for ‘Fear of number 13’. Really?

What’s so special about number 13? Why not have similar words for the fear of 14,15, 16 & so on?

There are about 1 million words in English vocabulary and we keep adding more every year. I wonder why?

Webster’s dictionary recently added a new word to their list, ‘FROYO’, can anyone guess the meaning of this word? FROZEN YOGURT. FROYO…

We should write a letter to Webster’s team to add another word called TOMA, a short word for Toastmasters.

I never paid attention to the nuances of pronunciation until I heard a memorable speech in India. The speech was about leadership skills. The speaker used the word quantum jump many times in his speech.   Due to his first language influence, in quantum he replaced the sound KWA with KA and the sound T with D. Every time he said quantum jump in his own style, the audience jumped up high on their seats and laughed. He was totally puzzled and his speech was totaled.

A motivational speech turned into a hilarious speech. What a disaster?

One pronunciation blunder, took away the thunder from his speech. That episode brought a quantum change my perspective. I started paying careful attention to my pronunciation.

Instead of focusing on the logic, I started focusing on the root of each word I used in my speeches. When I befriended the roots, I began to enjoy the fruits.


The weekend is here


I am elated! The wait is over

After four long days, the weekend is here.

Ninety minutes of joy watching a boy have fun

While he watches me his face glows like the shining sun.

It’s hard to accept when the weekend ends

But I’m glad now the father’s turn begins.

While I wait for the next weekend

I find peace knowing that the boy’s love for me has no end.


(My son Samyak aged 6 years gets access to my Macbook Pro from Friday to Sunday for 90 minutes. This poem is a description Macbook’s feelings towards Samyak).

My first free-form poem

This is my first free-form poem
I feel free writing this with no rhymes or a fixed form
It brought out memories from my childhood days
When I scribbled and doddled with no fear of ratings
The lines above rhymed not because I wanted
I just wrote my thoughts as they arose
Can I embrace my life like this?
Acting right and then accept what comes my way.

One moment at a time


We are sitting by the window sipping tea at TeaSpoon
The sun is hiding behind the clouds this afternoon
Time seems to freeze when we are here
It’s great fun to be together and talk to each other
I read the quote on the glass ,”enjoy life one tea spoon at a time”
And it reminds us to enjoy the life one moment at a time.