Family Haiku!

This week Samyak’s class work included writing a Haiku poem. Here’s the video we watched together to grasp the concept.
Needless to say Anusha & I were inspired to join him and write our haiku poems. I found this activity a great pathway to center the mind and
get into a reflective state. If this post intrigues you, feel free to post a haiku of your own as a comment in this blog.
Samyak’s haiku (3 below)
I’m a butterfly
I flutter around the place
spreading so much love
Eating grass for milk
grazing in the fields all day
That is a cow’s day
I love you so much
you have colors that strike me
you are an angel
Anusha wrote the below two poems 
The Joy of my Life
at first I held you in me
now you hold my life
Magic of flavors
so happens in my kitchen
makes our dish yummy
Here are a few of mine below, in fact I wrote about 10 that day and Samyak had to stop me from writing more! I really loved this writing time.
Living everyday
embracing what comes my way
I keep fears away
Gently closing eyes
witnessing my thoughts and breath
is meditation
Busyness is not the
the business of our short lives
self-expression is
A bonus below for inspiring you to write a haiku before you sign off.
While reading this page
wiping the doubts in your mind
write your first haiku!

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