Celebrating 25th Donation!


A couple weeks ago I donated a unit of blood at Rashtrothana blood bank in Bangalore. It was exciting to donate it for the 25th time. It all started way back in 1997 and this activity continues to inspire me to retain my eligibility for blood donation (health vitals & other blood parameters).

As I reiterated in my earlier blog article, there are numerous benefits to donors too. I have reaped all those benefits in the last 17 years. You can read the article below to know more.


With proper planning I could have increased the count to 50 (3 times a year for 17 years), but I didn’t. Can you guess the reason? It’s the most common reason that I have heard people offer for not donating regularly. “I am waiting for the opportunity to donate to a friend or relative”. Imagine all donors thinking like that! I took a while to come out of this veil of excuse and participate in voluntary donation camps.

When I crossed 30, I made a commitment to participate in camps or a visiting blood bank 3 times a year for this noble (and favorable) activity. Every time I talk to the staff and inquire about the supply, I realize the gap between demand & supply in India.

There are a bunch of people in my life who made a great impact and inspired me in this 17-year journey. I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to the following people. If I have missed anyone, I apologize in advance.

  • Satyamurthy – the man who donated a unit of blood to my uncle in 1995 and showed the importance of this noble service
  • My parents who unconditionally supported and took pride in my interest at the age of 18
  • Sandesh – the captain of NSS (National Service Scheme) for alerting me when the requirement came from hospitals during 1997 to 99
  • My elder brother Raghu who led by example and participated in several donations. I am sure he is close to 20 donations now!
  • My college friends Rajappa, Sharath and Abdul Shiraz who accompanied me on some of those occasions and they also donated few times
  • My colleagues at Oracle who passionately participate in camps at workplace and continue to inspire others
  • Anusha & Samyak for accompanying me to these events and making this as a family activity
  • All those people who work in blood banks and act as helping hands to people in need

I sincerely request all readers to become a voluntary donor and donate blood at least twice every year. It’s a great way to serve while we continue to live with verve!

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