Seven Years with Biwi and without a TV


When men and women are able to respect and accept their differences then love has a chance to blossom.

~ Dr John Gray

Today Anusha & I are celebrating our 7th wedding anniversary. While chatting this morning, we pondered over crucial events and decisions that shaped and molded our relationship. Undoubtedly eschewing Television in the year 2008 has been the turning point in our life. While setting up our new apartment after marriage, we bought everything except the entertainment box.

It wasn’t a difficult decision for me as I wasn’t a TV buff anyway. However this was a significant diversion from Anusha’s interests & lifestyle. It was so nice of her to agree with my proposal for 3 months and then buy a TV if needed. I also committed to reach home by 6PM every evening and plan a family activity once I reached home.

First two weeks were easy to manage and we did things like visiting temples, attending family functions, chatting, going for a leisurely walk etc. After that it was really difficult to pass time. Just imagine how much can we talk? We started wondering what else other couples would do after wedding 🙂

Fortunately we didn’t budge and buy a TV. We listed our values and interests and started indulging in activities that brought joy to both OR one of us. The activities included watching inspiring movies, reading self-help books & magazines, yoga, going for long walks in Lalbagh, trying various cuisines etc.

The more we stayed away from constant exposure to media, the better we became as individuals. We started discovering our dreams, needs & values and more importantly we began expressing them to each other.

Now that our son Samyak is 3.5 years young, we continue to enjoy our life without a TV at home. Samyak enjoys watching animated movies and some selected videos on Youtube on my laptop. A common question we face from friends & family members is ‘When are you buying a TV?’ Our answer always is ‘We don’t know’.

My clients from Coaching & Training assignments think that I am missing a lot in my life by not owning a TV and depriving titillating entertainment to family. Some have said that via their facial expressions and very few have also verbalized these thoughts to me. Opinions are subjective and as a family we really have gained a lot by losing just one trivial thing.

By this article, I want to express my gratitude to Anusha for supporting me in this decision and willing to try new experiences in life. Life has become better in all areas in the last 7 years and the future looks even more promising and peaceful!

I don’t intend to bash TV watching and unsettle anyone reading this article. I agree that there are some benefits of watching TV for a limited time (underscore the word limited).

Why don’t you try this for a week and stay away from TV? It will be challenging and fun-filled. If you don’t enjoy that week, you have the remote control in your hand anyway 🙂

6 thoughts on “Seven Years with Biwi and without a TV

  1. Hi Pramod ! It is always insightful reading your posts.. and the 7th wedding anniversary post is no exception. Wish u and Anusha many many years of happiness ahead ! As a person who stopped watching TV two years ago, I know the value of what u r saying. And, Samyak is indeed in a blessed home environment. Keep writing. God bless !

  2. Super! Wishing you and your family most and more. Thanks for the article…TV takes away lot of our time and spoils the time we spend with our loved ones. I have realized it. We stopped watching TV once we got a kid and it really helps!!

  3. Great to see a family without TV. I tried this for first 3 weeks immediately after marriage. Guess what! we ended up arguing a lot and at the end of the day we left with headache. Quickly, we decided to buy that Idiot box and He is now busy watching his favorite shows in the evening. I am happily cooking 😉

    I think both partners should work together to make those non-TV hours productive. No room should be given for serious discussions.Somehow I failed. 😦

  4. I am so surprised…
    •The commitment and rigidity of minds to stick on your own oath,
    •Both of you are not violated the oath,
    •Not bothered about the comments of others,
    •Your actions towards living meaningful life,

    One thing I have to tell about the TV programs. Except news and science programs, others are imaginary things. Life is simple, but viewed as very complicated, because of illusions surrounded in the nature as well as illusions created by the individual mind. Once, Naradha sage born as women in the earth and at the end Sri Vishnu showed, how these illusions are created to Naradha step by step. From this story, we can understand the power of illusions (imaginary things) very well. Many TV programs are illusions within illusions. Already we are suffering from the illusion problem, TV programs exponentially multiplies these illusions.

    If illusions are removed, then the remaining is real thing.

    Good Luck

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