Here’s how my mother found Mojo at work for 33 years…


“Mojo” is that positive spirit toward what we are doing now that starts from the inside and radiates to the outside. ~ Marshall Goldsmith

As an executive coach and leadership facilitator, I meet several talented individuals who are not finding Mojo at work. In other words, they are experiencing ‘Nojo’. They may have impressive titles, attractive remuneration and cozy offices; they are missing meaning and happiness in what they do. One thing is sure, no job will promise you meaning and happiness on the offer letter. Most people find acres of diamonds in their own backyard if only they take time and search for answers. Instead of chasing the mirage of ‘dream job’, people need to take a step back and ponder about finding Mojo in their current jobs. In my personal view, happiness is inside us. If we aren’t happy with our jobs now; mostly this will continue even when switch to a new job!

Our attitude towards what we do is as important as what we do!

That’s why seasoned interviewers ask questions on candidates’ previous jobs to know their passion and contribution. How a person describes his or her current job reveals a lot!

My role model for finding meaning at work is none other than my mother. My mom worked in a bank for 33 years. During her tenure, she didn’t eye on any promotions as that involved relocating to other cities. As a result she settled with various prosaic roles in clerical and accounting departments. I remember her title as ‘Special Assistant’ for several years, without any promotion. Despite this fact that job was ‘special’ to her (she made it special). My mother was very well respected by all her colleagues and managers for her positive spirit, her desire to help others and her cheerful personality. Needless to say she found meaning and happiness in what she was doing as a special assistant. I remember once quizzing her on how she found pride and meaning in her seemingly mundane and routine role as a clerk. She said she focused on two simple things at her work place.

  • Improve processes to provide better customer experience
  • Contribute and help her colleagues become more effective

When she was focused on these two things, she aimed at something beyond her own interests. And that’s the secret of her Mojo at work. Even today she has countless colleagues (still working) who admire her help and mentorship during the early years of their careers. It’s fun to join her when she visits her home-branch once a year to produce life certificate. The warmth, respect and care expressed by her colleagues even now are a reflection of her contribution and Mojo.

My mother found Mojo at work by following the below philosophy.

Find your strengths, indulge in activities that leverage your strengths and find ways of helping others from your strengths on a daily basis

Her story has certainly influenced my attitude and approach towards work. I wish this article inspires all readers to find Mojo in what they are doing!

PS : I acknowledge the graphic from the net.

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