Accomplishment and Acknowledgement

Accomplishment Appreciation


What’s driving your achievements? The sense of accomplishment or the need for acknowledgement.

One of the traps of human behavior and quest for success is misunderstanding the driver behind our actions. Our actions may be either inspired by the internal drive to please our souls; or motivated to hear the external praise showered by other people. Appreciation from other people will make us feel proud about our feats, however we shouldn’t allow that to take the center stage and take influence our actions all the time.

For instance, when you learn a new skill (say swimming); you feel great about your new achievement and you feel like a winner who can learn anything! This victorious feeling is ‘soul-feeling’. It’s not dependent on anyone’s acknowledgement.

A student scores high in an exam and then subsequently gets recognized in public. This student also feels like a victor, but this feeling is colored by ego and comparison due to the recognition in public. This colored feeling is ‘worldly-feeling’.

These feelings are diametrically opposite in their power, source and direction. Soul feeling is centered in us and oozes out; worldly feeling is pumped into us through others’ words of appreciation. Craving for worldly feeling is addictive and dangerous since it derails us from our own cherished goals and passions. For example, an author must write great books because of his calling. He will derail from his path if his goal becomes writing the best-seller. Even if it becomes a best-seller, not everyone on this planet will like his work.

Now with the hope that I have given enough description about this concept, let me narrate a personal story to drive the point home. I write articles on my blog to share my insights and thoughts on areas of human potential and achievement. Writing these articles, make me feel on purpose and bring in a sense of peace and calmness as I let my thoughts flow and shape into words. Imagine, if this act of blogging is driven by the desire to get more ‘Likes’ on Facebook or LinkedIn and acknowledging comments by people in my network. Appreciative comments are only by-products of my activity, not catalysts! I should write posts regardless of external acknowledgement and praise because the act is driven by soul-feeling.

At times, we all fall into the trap and lose track of soul-feelings and start running behind worldly-feelings. Only with awareness we can come back on the path of action towards soul-feelings. For instance, my blog post in Jun 2014 titled ‘Calm Sutra : 60 seconds to relax our brain’ was a useful article [in my view] and not many people read that J The next day I realized I was moving away from my original reason for writing. My core reasons to write are to share what I know and help people who need. I also need to aware of this every time I write an article.

So my friends, are you aware of what’s driving your achievements in life? Accomplishment (soul-feeling) or acknowledgement (worldly-feeling)? A healthy balance is the key!

References: Are you read to succeed? By Dr Sri Kumar Rao [specially the words soul-feeling and worldly-feeling come from his book]

PS : I acknowledge the pictures from the internet.

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