My 23rd Donation!


I realized the importance of blood donation in the year 1997 when my uncle underwent a major surgery. After that incident, my brother Raghu & I became passionate about voluntary blood donation. My passion also rubbed on to my friends during college days. And now even my wife is enjoying the activity of voluntary donation! I am very proud of her.

To celebrate Samyak’s birthday on 5th September (the donation was on 15th September), Anusha & I went to a blood bank and each of us donated one unit of blood. This is my 23rd donation and Anusha’s 6th donation so far. It was a unique way to celebrate Samyak’s birthday and we both felt jubilant and joyful after the donation. We took my mother along for this adventure and the three of us had a sumptuous lunch to pamper ourselves 🙂

Photo of my blood in a bag :) they don't write the donor names to maintain anonymity

Photo of my blood in a bag 🙂 they don’t write the donor names to maintain anonymity

Through this article, I want to persuade people to consider voluntary blood donation on a regular basis. There are so many benefits to us as donors (if you are thinking WIIM? – What’s in it for me). I will enumerate 7 key benefits below.

  • One unit of your blood can save 3 lives (they split the blood into 3 components and administer that to 3 patients with different needs). So you can touch 3 people’s lives every time you donate blood
  • Your blood will go through several tests (BP, HB, Elisa etc) and hence you know where you stand during every donation. You will get a free physical test and blood examination during every donation!
  • You will reduce the risk of heart disease
  • It will enhance the production of new blood cells in your body
  • Iron level in your blood will remain in balance which reduces the risk of cancer
  • The goal of donating regularly inspires you to take care of your body and be in a great shape. You will have a larger goal in life; your fitness will be another person’s lifeline!
  • Research published in 2012 demonstrated that repeated blood donation is effective in reducing blood pressure, blood glucose, HbA1c, low-density lipoprotein/high-density lipoprotein ratio, and heart rate in patients with metabolic syndrome

The possibility of my blood can go into 3 bodies and be with them gives me goose bumps. It’s great to see joy, hope and life on the face of recipients and their family members.

We will know the real meaning of gratitude when someone donates blood to our dear one. You can also feel, see and hear the feelings of gratitude when you donate one unit and meet the recipient or his/her family. I have been in both situations and words cannot express those feelings.

In 1998, my friend Rajappa (fondly called Todeyar) and I donated blood to a 5-year old girl who underwent a surgery. I met the parents after donation and they treated me as if I was the God’s messenger to their prayers. Very rarely we get to experience such feelings of serving a higher purpose and meaning in life! I hope people who read this article consider donating one unit of blood at least once a year (you are eligible for 4 units per year).

Our next donation is planned on 25th December, and I welcome people to join Anusha & me in this journey! By the way I am excited about my 25th Donation in March 2015!

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