Two Profound Questions


I envy people who have faith; I just can’t get my head around it. ~ Edward Cole

                                                  The Bucket List

I have watched the Hollywood movie ‘The Bucket List’ (starring Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson) more than 10 times so far. It’s a movie that entertains and inspires the viewers. One of the best scenes I like is their visit to the Egypt to see Pyramids (the first item on their list – witness something truly majestic).

Carter (Morgan Freeman) narrates the ancient Egyptian belief to Edward (Jack Nicholson). According to their belief, when people die and go to heaven, they have answer two questions. Their answers are crucial as the entry into heaven is based on those answers J

Here are the two questions:


Question#1 – Have you found joy in your life?


Question#2 – Has your life brought joy to others?

On a superficial and cursory glance, these questions don’t make much sense. As we ponder over it and deeply probe our minds, we will realize the profundity of these questions. I also found that these two can be leveraged in coaching sessions to heighten the self-awareness of clients. I personally have used these questions to know more about myself 🙂

So try it and experience it for yourself! Go to a room and sit all alone – ask these two questions several times and see what response you get from your inner self.


PS : I acknowledge the pictures from the internet.

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