The Compound Effect


Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world. He, who understands it, earns it…he who doesn’t…pays it. ~ Albert Einstein

A couple of my ex-colleagues happen to visit my website this week and they were fascinated to see the contents and the (fairly) rich choice of words used in pages. I had to convince them that I wrote those paragraphs J (you can imagine the reputation I built 10 years ago). I can understand their reasons to doubt my vocabulary. Ten years ago, I had very limited tools in my vocabulary to articulate ideas in presentations and speeches. You might be wondering what changed in the last 10 years. I will tell you my secret – “I am leveraging the power of compound effect”.

In 2003, I decided to enhance my vocabulary and started learning one new word a day from the site . I became inquisitive about words and started listing the new words I encountered in books, articles, movies and conversations with others at work. In addition to that I regularly attended Toastmasters meetings at my workplace every Thursday afternoon. I inculcated ‘the word of the day’ from Toastmasters sessions as soon as the session was over.

The following books have added powerful words to my library of words.

  • Word Master Audio CD by Denis Waitely
  • Word Power by Norman Lewis
  • The Articulate Professional by VJ Singhal
  • Six Weeks to Words of Power by Wilfred Funk
  • 30 days to a more powerful vocabulary

Looking back now, I feel very proud and content about my achievement in developing a refined vocabulary. One word a day wasn’t a big thing to learn, the discipline to do it every day and stick to the learning process was the challenging part of the process.

                               We overestimate our short-term goals, underestimate long-term goals.

The Compounding effect is a powerful principle and we need to make this effect work in favor of us, not work against us J

The following two books really inspired me to subscribe to the power of daily discipline and achieving success in small increments every day! I strongly recommend you to read these two books.

 The Slight Edge      Compund Effect Book


PS : I acknowledge the pictures from the internet.

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