Birds of a feather flock together



People like people who like them OR who are like them.

I met a Homeopath in a workshop last week. I had a book in my hand ‘The Journey’ written by Brandon Bays to read during the breaks. She saw the book in my hand and ran towards me during the break to talk to me. I could sense her excitement in her voice and demeanor. She said, “I have the same book in my library and I loved reading that book”. We had two things in common; the habit of reading and the book by Brandon Bays. We talked for 10 minutes as if we knew each other for ages.

I pondered over that episode and realized that when people have a common interest they instantly get into unconscious rapport and like each other. This may not happen in all cases. We have another possibility- ‘people like people who like them’. In other words, if I like someone they like me.

What we can do is find one thing that is good in the other person and genuinely appreciate it. Once the other person knows that you like some aspect in them, they reciprocate and they start liking you.

I have tried this in my interactions and it has worked for me. Initially it was very unnatural for me focus and amplify good qualities in others. After a few weeks on conscious effort, it became a habit and I was doing it naturally.

                              Be the change you want to see in the world. ~ Gandhi


Let me remind you, the change begins with us 🙂 so let’s initiate the change!



 PS : I acknowledge the picture from the internet.



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