Begin with the end in mind


Vision without action is a daydream. Action without vision is a nightmare. ~ Japanese Proverb

My long-time dream has come true this week, my personal website is launched and hosted now J It was a herculean task to write the content and find appropriate images. The designer invested more than 6 weeks to design all the pages and now he is hosting one page a day (we decided to go live in a staggered manner, than big-bang). What’s astonishing is this – the designer invested more than 45 days in designing pages in Photoshop software; and less than 10 days in coding the pages ad hosting them. He went to coding, only when I reviewed the images of mock pages and gave my sign-off. We went through several iterations of changes in design during the first few weeks.

Since we invested sufficient time in planning and creating the end pictures on images, we had to invest very little time for developing the pages and hosting them.

When you get a chance, please visit the page and review our work!

This 6-week journey reminded me of the cardinal principle of life – ‘Know what you want’ or ‘Begin with the end in mind’. Once we are clear about the destination, we get inspired to take action and do something every day to go closer to what we want. Clarity brings sense of urgency!

What if we all have a picture that describes our lives in next 20 years? That’s not easy; our minds will not allow us to think of definite desires (especially long-term goals). I have personally gone through coaching sessions and it’s very difficult to write a list of what you ‘really’ want in life. I listed a few things for the next 10 years and currently working to make them a reality. One of them was my personal website, and now it’s a reality J

PS : I acknowledge the picture from the internet.

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